Welcome to the soil section! Here you will find a wide variety of soils to suit your gardening needs. (Please bare with us, as this section is currently being worked on. more offers will soon be avaliable to see)

 Multi-purpose compost (50ltr)
5 for £13.00 or £4.99 each

J.A.B multi-purpose compost (50ltr)
4 for £10.00 or £3.99 each


Jacks magic (60ltr)
2 for £10.00 or £5.99 each

Gro-sure Rose, tree & shrub
2 for £10.00 or £5.49 each


John innes No.1 (30ltr)
3 for £10.00 or £4.49 each

John innes No.2 (35ltr)
3 for £10.00 or £4.49 each


John innes No.3 (35ltr)
3 for £10.00 or £4.49 each

seed sowing compost (35ltr)
3 for £10.00 or £4.49 each


Miracle-Gro All purpose compost
3 for £12.00 or £5.99 each

Top soil (20ltr)
5 for £10.00 or £2.49 each


Gro-sure Farmyard Manure (50ltr)
3 for £10.00 or £3.99 each


Landscape bark (100ltr)
2 for £12 or £6.99 each


All Plant Compost (60ltr)


All Veg Compost (50ltr)


Many more items available in store. We are working hard to update sections so please bear with us. All items are subject to price change and availability. Please note that we do our best to keep prices up to date but prices may not be accurate at time of purchase.


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