Welcome to the Weed Killer Section, here we are sure you will find what your after to eliminate those pesky weeds!

Weedol Rootkill Plus 5L
Price: £26.99

Deadfast WeedKiller
Price: £3.79

Weedol Ultra Tough 5L
Price: £26.99

Vitax Weed Free
Price: £12.69

Bayer Garden Path WeedKiller 1L
Price: £4.99

Resolva WeedKiller Liquid Shots
Price: £18.99 Each

Weedol Rootkill Plus
From £5.99-£17.49

Roundup Refill
Price: £22.99

Roundup Fast Action
Price: £5.49

Roundup WeedKiller Gel

Roundup Tough & Deep WeedKiller
Price: £5.49

Resolva Xtra Tough
Price: £4.99

Resolva 24hr
Price: £3.99

Xtra Tough Concentrated WeedKiller
Price: £12.29


Xtra Tough WeedKiller 3L
Price: £12.99

 Resolva 24hr WeedKiller 3L
Price: £12.99

 Resolva Power Pump
Price: £26.99

 Roundup Liquid Concentrate
Price: £34.99

 Roundup Ultra 3000
Price: £49.99

 Roundup Tree Stump WeedKiller
Price: £13.99


Roundup Liquid Concentrate
Price: £22.99

 Doff WeedKiller Concentrate
Price: £7.69

 Doff WeedKiller
Price: £2.49

 Weedol Rootkill Plus
Price: £22.99


DeadFast Concentrated Weedkiller
Price: £14.99

 DeadFast Tree Stump & WeedKiller
Price: £5.79


Many more items available in store. We are working hard to update sections so please bear with us. All items are subject to price change and availability. Please note that we do our best to keep prices up to date but prices may not be accurate at time of purchase.


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