Do you have trouble with foxes, cats,dogs, wasps or ants?  Here at ESK we have a large selection of repellent's to help you!

Termin8 Ant & Crawlies Killer
Price: £2.69

Mole Repellent 100g
Price: £5.99

Ant & Crawlies Killer 750ml
Price: £4.99

Ant Killer Powder
Price: from £2.99- £3.99

Foaming Wasp Nest Killer
Price: £4.79

Scoot Fox Repellent
Price: £9.49

Scat-A-Cat Repellent
Price: £3.99

Ant Control System
Price: £4.99

Rat & Mouse Killer
Price: £6.99

Rat Killer Bait Station
Price: £

Cat-A-Pult Animal Repellent
Price: £5.99

Cat & Dog Repellent
Price: £3.69


Pepper Dust
Price: £3.29

Stay Off Animal Repellent 750ml
Price: £4.99


Many more items available in store. We are working hard to update sections so please bear with us. All items are subject to price change and availability. Please note that we do our best to keep prices up to date but prices may not be accurate at time of purchase.


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